Representation in the city of London

We would be happy to help you establish a representation in the heart of the City of London.

This will entail registering a British legal entity domiciled in London (please ask for further details), and there are two forms that can be considered to start with:

A Private Limited Liability Company (LTD.) with a modest capital that can act as a Private Investment Company, and if the original founders hold 51% of the shareholding they become the effective owners; there is no minority blocking share proportion.  It can receive funds against shareholding, and act as the project carrier.  It can raise its capital with a simple Board Resolution.

A British Offshore International Business Corporation for example in Gibraltar or the British Virgin Islands with a very low tax regime, and can also act as the project carrier.

Both these companies can invest in shares, equity, property, obtain leverage deals, and partake in many forms of loans and borrowings.

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