The British Royal Wedding…

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I Accueil / Home News Letter I

April / Avril 2011

” The British Royal Wedding…”

” Oil, Gas & Oil product supply…”

” Russia…”

“Building Excellence in Business “

London – 28.04.2011



As you will understand, we start by offering our warmest congratulations and stupendous good luck to Prince William and his beautiful elegant bride Catherine for their big day tomorrow – what a great couple they make. Let’s face it, the British do ceremonies brilliantly, and this young couple have brought a fresh input. A special thought for Prince Charles (I’m a big fan) who with his splendid Duchess has guided his progeny through troubled waters to become such fine young men. I’m honored to be invited to watch the ceremony at the residence of our British Ambassador in Paris – marvelous stuff!



We have direct suppliers of Dar Blend (till June), Kazakh crude and other crude, gas, and oil products such as Diesel, Jet fuel, Gasoil, Gasoline, Kerosene, LPG, Naphtha, etc. We do full diligence on the sellers (refineries or established traders), supply volumes vary (spot and contract) and delivery varies according to export requirements. We will do due diligence on buyers’ companies too, and of course the banks scrutinize the deal – if you want supply, please fill in this form or contact us on



Russia has « emerged »;  they are recovering fast from the financial crisis and are bid winners for: 

Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014

Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014 – 2020

Football World Cup Russia 2018

The cost of all this?  Over 200 Billion Euros.  90% of facilities and infrastructure will have to be built from scratch – with help from the West. The Russian Government have declared they will invest 60 billion Euros, with the private sector putting in 180 Billion Euros.  Russia is not a country that will allow failure, and they have the energy resources to back up their promises. 2011 is the year to consolidate or to begin your business in RUSSIA and we can help you – we have over 10 years’ experience in this market.  Let’s go for it!

On the checklist:

Getting there: Upgraded airports, airline services, high speed rail and road improvements.

Staying there: Hospitality in terms of hotels, entertainment venues, retail and catering outlets.

Buying there:  Consumer goods – Equipment, Food, Drink, Clothing, Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries, Souvenirs;  the list is huge. 

Training:  Hospitality, commercial and language.



Le réseau Advent UK




Memo : Advent UK is a company specialized in the management and piloting of international projects. We research partners for your projects, introduce you to financial institutions, organise Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, and set up SPV companies in the United Kingdom and other favourable British jurisdictions for international projects.

We work in Europe and Russia, both strong & dynamic economic zones.


Internet >


Pour aide mémoire, Advent UK est une société spécialisée en management et pilotage de projets internationaux. Nous recherchons des partenaires pour vos projets, nous vous présentons des institutions financières, nous organisons Joint Ventures, Mergers et Acquisitions, et également la création et l’implantation de sociétés en Grande Bretagne pour des projets internationaux.

Nous travaillons en Europe et en Russie, qui sont des zones économiques fortes et dynamiques




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