There are such sweeping changes in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA Region) with the people’s uprisings…

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March / Mars 2011

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London – 11.03.2011


Keep in touch

There are such sweeping changes in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA Region) with the people’s uprisings that we were not sure if even our Western politicians would remain in control of our countries or we would find ourselves caught up in the fever! In principal the urge for democratic change (and certainly the removal of dictators/oppressive and greedy rulers) is laudable, though not many people in the MENA Region have had much training or experience in Democratic Government to fill the void. Now is the time for these countries to ask the West for such training; here are jobs for our retired politicians!

In Russia, prior to WTO acceptance, and with Sochi, Formula 1 and the Football World Cup all needing major infrastructure and construction, there are strong regulations within the country to combat corruption and promote confidence from foreign investors.. There is also the new UK anti-bribery act coming into force in April. All this has already impacted within Russia, and there is a huge reduction in requests for “negotiation fees” from Government officials, and far fewer cash fines from the Police (the standing joke has been it’s not illegal to speed/park etc., it costs!). Interest rates from Russian banks are still high (current MIBOR 6.67% for 1 year, commercial bank offers are MIBOR + 5-8% depending on client and guarantees!), so we have construction, industrial and agricultural companies in the Regions looking for Joint Ventures with Western partners who can bring financing. With the high price of minerals,oil and gaz, the country has built up its sovereign reserves again, though this still does not filter down to the commercial sector and to the Regions.

Renewable energy projects in Europe: We have PV solar and wind parks for financing/sale/JV in Europe (France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania etc.) both “ready to build” and “turn-key”, and verified lenders/investors/buyers in this sector. Please contact us if this sector is of interest; the picture is changing in different countries, Spain is overblown, France has put a moratorium till next week for current electricity purchase, but there are still projects are within the higher feed-in tariffs – with signed Government agreements to purchase accredited projects’ output over 20 years or more, this is a very interesting investment.

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Memo : Advent UK is a company specialized in the management and piloting of international projects. We research partners for your projects, introduce you to financial institutions, organise Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, and set up SPV companies in the United Kingdom and other favourable British jurisdictions for international projects.

We work in Europe and Russia, both strong & dynamic economic zones.


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Pour aide mémoire, Advent UK est une société spécialisée en management et pilotage de projets internationaux. Nous recherchons des partenaires pour vos projets, nous vous présentons des institutions financières, nous organisons Joint Ventures, Mergers et Acquisitions, et également la création et l’implantation de sociétés en Grande Bretagne pour des projets internationaux.

Nous travaillons en Europe et en Russie, qui sont des zones économiques fortes et dynamiques




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