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  ADVENT UK News Letter

- N° 84 -

I Accueil / Home News Letter I

October / Octobre 2010


“Building Excellence in Business “

London – 25.10.2010


Political pop and Retirement

Political pop and Retirement
As you probably know, I spend a fair bit of time in France, and we’re listening to various political pop records.  Currently playing are Revolution, which is undergoing a revival, Status Quo which is hugely popular again, Austerity which no-one wants to listen to, and 62 Retirement which has bombed badly!  Other European countries have opted for Retirement 65 or 67.  France as usual is socially cautious and for once, early.  Interestingly, it seems to be the teenage students who are offer the most vociferous resistance to 62 Retirement; how they can know what they’ll want at 62?  

 “Retirement at 60 – who would want to?” I say.  It’s only later in life you enjoy work so much, since you can’t snowboard or skydive any more.  If you agree with this, send your vote to Advent UK on Facebook!  Click here Facebook

London as a Financial Centre for Emerging Markets Stock Exchange Listings
To be optimistic, the City of London has come up with a detailed analysis of the BRIMSA countries (Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and South Africa) and their potential for stock market listings, and happily in spite of the financial tsunami and consequent debris in the financial flows, it seems that London is still the most likely place for all these countries except perhaps Mexico which would favor New York.  So don’t fire anyone in the City yet boys!  Send an email to for a copy of this report.

General upswing in deal flow
I would say there is an upward movement at our emerging mid-market level in requests for Western funds for project development, PE, JV partners and strategic partners too.  We’re also finding that potential lenders and PE/JV participants have more liquidity and are back looking at deals.  Get in touch with your project or your criteria if you’re a lender/PE participant, and let’s get cracking again!

Skype & Internet enquiries
We’re all on Skype, main address: adventuk. We’ve decided that all internet enquiries to our website will get a request format for a conference call with one of our experts.  Other internet sources (eg Linkedin) will be handled directly as usual. 



Le réseau Advent UK




Memo : Advent UK is a company specialized in the management and piloting of international projects. We research partners for your projects, introduce you to financial institutions, organise Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, and set up SPV companies in the United Kingdom and other favourable British jurisdictions for international projects.

We work in Europe and Russia, both strong & dynamic economic zones.


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Pour aide mémoire, Advent UK est une société spécialisée en management et pilotage de projets internationaux. Nous recherchons des partenaires pour vos projets, nous vous présentons des institutions financières, nous organisons Joint Ventures, Mergers et Acquisitions, et également la création et l’implantation de sociétés en Grande Bretagne pour des projets internationaux.

Nous travaillons en Europe et en Russie, qui sont des zones économiques fortes et dynamiques




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